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How To Create A Pitch Deck For Your App

How to create a pitch deck to get funding for the app is a question asked by many founders when they are about to raise capital for their new venture. Over the years, many successful founders have discussed the best way to pitch deck to get funding for the app. Of course, there are many opinions, from what you should include in your presentation to get funding for the app.

Tips for a Winning pitch

If you are a new startup, here are some tips for a winning pitch...

Customise Your Investor Pitch

Like a good suit, the best startup is the one which is tailored. To make sure the pitch is good; take your time to explore your audience. In doing so, you will get a better insight into the motivations of potential investors and the type of companies they are looking for. Research potential investors very thoroughly. Some investors give more importance on technology than on the team. Some investors are looking for clear indications that how the idea will work.

Start Strong

The beginning of the presentation is a very important thing as it can make or break your startup. In the first few minutes or even the second, potential investors will start to decide if they want to invest in you or not. Before developing a good memorable pitch, you must understand the tactics. If the presentation cannot work for the investor, it is likely that the presentation is flat.

Show the Problem and Solution

First show the problem and then the solution. Address some of the concerns that the investor might encounter in his/her business model and reveals the market gap. Show how your product stands out in simple language that benefits both parties involved in the transaction. Moving from the problem to the solution is an essential part of the startup pitch deck. It allows you to quickly highlight issues that you are solving with your customers and to address the concerns of potential investors.

Make A Clear and Promising Picture For The Future

It's your job to paint a picture bigger than the one you have today. Show investors what the future will look like with your investments. The most effective way to show the future is to communicate views or statistics on current trends. Communicate the information you have learned when making your product. After all, the future is what the investors are actually buying.

These tips will improve your pitch, but the best way to create a quality set is to make sure you have a high-quality product. Create something that people want and remember that the demo does more than your presentation.

For more information on pitching to investors, see our article on 3 Stages of Successfully Pitching To Investors.

Step by Step Guide to Create a Pitch Deck

Here is a step by step guide to creating a pitch deck...

1. Introductory Section

This is where your case is presented, the premise of your problem and the proposed solution. This is an important part of your presentation as it will determine if you can catch the attention of investors throughout your presentation.

2. Cover Slide

The cover slide is the presentation of your package. If your package is cool, you are more likely to catch the attention of the investors.

3. The Problem

This is where the status quo is presented. A good way is to summarise the problem in short sentences.

4. The Solution

The solution is your business and your product. Select three or four basic functions for your application and how to solve the problems you just talked about. Consider the benefits rather than the features.

5. Product demo

There is something about product demonstrations. If you offer a direct offer, for example, the product demonstration is a double-edged sword. If you are pitching through email, video capture is a good complement and a way to make sure that the viewer can see your product. Finally, if you meet in person, following the flow may be the best option.

6. Return on Investment

If you get their attention from the first minute, it's time to explain why. Remember that some investors will give you money because they love you; love your team and your product. They will do this because they believe that their team, guided by their vision, can take advantage of the market opportunity, of a large company, and provide them with a significant return on investment.

7. Market Size

This is where you can see the size of this business. Two ways to manage it is with a top-down or bottom-up market approaches.

8. Business Model

Presenting your business model in a good way is very important as it is the turning point of your pitch.

9. Competitors

If you have a product that is apart from the competition, this may be the best way to make sure everyone understands the premises very well.

10. Market Plan

This slide should cover how you can cover a wide audience. The fact of any emerging business is that there is no way of knowing how these plans work as long as you have not tried.

11. Team

Introduce your team and mention your founders and why they are the right people for this company. Do not talk about your advisors, first employees or anyone who is unfaithful to the company.

12. Wrap It Up

Milestone is another very important part of the presentation. It is the climax of your pitch. If you have increased revenue, it should be the only chart. If you do not have sales, you may want to reconsider pitching the investors because it is difficult to raise funds without income. Talk about the growth of users and active users every month and every week.

13. Fundraising Information

In different states, there are certain rules on the right to consult your financial statements. Be careful when presenting your documentation to unauthorised persons as investors.

It is not so easy to raise capital, as this may seem like a stressful situation. It takes many late nights, rejections and pitch revisions. There is a number of people who try to develop an app or claimed to run an app development company. People pay hundreds of thousands to these inexperienced people for an app that is partly delivered or does not work properly. Good news is Appifany is here to help you. We at Appifany, make sure to deliver you a great app with a beautiful user interface that will increase your app downloads.

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