How to Optimise Your Google Play Store Listing

Here at Appifany we want to teach you how to optimise your google play store listing and generate a greater amount of traffic to your app's page, which means that more searchers can download your app! This process is called App Store Optimisation (ASO), which aims to maximise the visibility of mobile apps on the Google Play store and rank you as highly as possible on their page.

Just like SEO, ASO has on-metadata and off-metadata factors.

  • On-metadata factors– such as the app title or description – are under the control of the publisher.

  • Off-metadata factors can’t be controlled, but may be influenced by a developer. Examples of these include user reviews and ratings, as well as download volume.

Did you know that nearly three quarters of all apps are discovered through app store searches?Startups and businesses are neglecting the app stores as an important channel if they aren’t implementing ASO tactics to boost their app ranking.

At Appifany, we’re constantly seeking to boost the app marketing strategies of mobile startups we work with. Here's a list of our Top 6 Tips to Optimise Your Google Play Store Listing...

1. Market research

Conducting in-depth market research is the starting step towards developing an effective ASO strategy. In order to increase your downloads, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of your customers, who your competitors are, the strategies they’ve employed and how they’re perceived by your target users.

Start off by stepping into the shoes of your customers. Here are some questions to guide you through the process:

  • What language and terms do they use?

  • How would they describe my app?

  • How would they describe their needs?

  • What are factors that prompted users to start searching for my app?

Next, you’ll need to understand how your app compares within the competitive climate. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my competitive advantage?

  • What are keywords that are targeted by my competitors?

  • What are my chances of competing against other apps on the same keywords?

2. Keyword optimisation

Google Play Store adopts a more SEO-like approach where you’re allocated a maximum of 4,000 characters for your app description and the text is scanned through for relevant keywords.

The key is to focus on writing for your users, rather than stuffing your description with as many keywords as you can. What are common terms your users are searching?