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5 Tips To Get More App Downloads in 2019

You can sure bet you have a lot of competition for apps looking to secure some of that precious screen time from smart phone users around the world. With the right strategies you can definitely win in the app space.

All great apps have a set of executable strategies that are used to grow a loyal customer base. We have given you 5 quick tips to keep your users coming back and improve your download numbers in 2019

#1. Survey Your Customers

The idea here is to simply perform a survey to your visitors. Just simply ask them questions about what they are looking for in your app and/or what they really wish to do with it.

#2. Research High Value Keywords Thoroughly

In case you did not know, keywords play an important role in your app sales. Make sure that you choose the right keywords for your app. One of the ways to do this is by finding out good keywords that are being used by your competitors. Tools like can work for this.

#3. App Description - Make It Clear

In app development, your app’s description is key in helping users decide whether they should download your app or not. Your best course of action here is to write an effective copy, but make sure it is concise enough to convey your app’s purpose.

#4. Keep Your Customers Happy

Be it an iOS app or Android app, you should be obsessive when it comes to resolving all negative reviews. Remember that a happy customer can be a brand ambassador for your app. Try to touch base with your users, particularly those who have submitted bad reviews and resolve their issues.

#5. Get Local

A lot of people around the world prefer to use an app designed to include their local language. In fact, if you localize your app to any local language other than English, your app downloads will significantly increase.

If you need help injecting a whole heap of new high value app downloads, get in touch with our team today as we have proven strategies to grow your app!


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