10 Steps of Launching an App

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

You've come up with a ground-breaking idea, fed and watered it, and now it's all grown up and ready to graduate into the big wide world. Like it is for most people, your app is your baby. Now it's reached the time for it's public launch. This can be extremely daunting, which is why here at Appifany, we want to give you the right steps of how to do it.

If you've gotten this far with your app, then you know there's plenty of unexpected obstacles that pop up along the way. And post-launch is no different. Now you're a little more prepared for the unexpected though, so keep planning ahead. If this launch has come at the end of a three year development plan, then keep going and plan out the next few years post-launch.

Here's 10 helpful steps of launching an app to help you get started...

Some traps to avoid pre-launch…

1. It doesn't need to be perfect

It’s a natural to want to have your app perfect before it's big launch into the public, but this isn't realistic. There'll constantly be changes or revisions that need to be made to your app. You should remain adaptable to where your target audience feedback is going to take the direction of your app.

There may be certain features or issues that so far haven't crossed your mind at all. And that's normal! You can't think of everything and more importantly you can't know exactly where your app idea will go. There may be market needs you haven't identified that will become apparent and call for revision. Be adaptable and flexible.

In saying that though, don't listen to everything customers say at first launch. You've got the app or business idea, not them. Be flexible, but keep focused on the overall, big picture of your app idea and where the business is heading. Yes, this will have to alter a bit to suit market needs, but no one else has the future of the app planned out except for you. Trust yourself, yet be open to constructive criticisms that will help your business grow.

2. It's not time to sit back and relax just yet...

Your focus thus far may have been predominantly on app development and getting your baby ready to take public. But this sin't just an app, it's a business. One of the worst things you could do is release the app and have no business in place to actually run it. Although the app development side of things is now off your plate, think about how you're going to keep it going and the business behind it.