5 Tips To Improve Marketing & Sales Process

Sales and marketing isn't exactly what it used to be anymore, which can be daunting when trying to navigate through the big digital world out there. And now your app is a part of that, so you need to ensure you've implemented the best marketing and sales processes you can.

If you feel like your sales and marketing isn't quite up to scratch you may find that your app or is stuck in one of four scenarios:

  1. You’re seeing some downloads, but no in-app purchases.

  2. The free product is booming, but you can’t sell an upgrade to save your life.

  3. Your site has steady traffic and a strong social presence, but leads never convert.

  4. Competitors are killing it and the market is growing, but your product can’t keep up.

Before we talk strategy, I’m also assuming that you’ve found the right Product-Market Fit. That’s essential – and none of the following tactics will help if you haven’t solved a real customer need.

If you have found the right niche, here are five techniques that can increase your sales.

Each change is helpful on its own. Tackle them all together and you should see good results.

1. Simplify the onboarding

Many products ask new users for a huge amount of upfront data. We’re talking birthdates, locations, phone numbers, gender, and even social security numbers. Instead, people should be able to sign up and use your app in guest mode before completing a full profile. The same goes for SaaS products. Users should have the ability to onboard after completing even a bare-bones registration.

As you design (or re-design) the on-boarding, try to make it feel less like filling out a form, and more like actually using the product. Slack does this beautifully. Users onboard by interacting with the messenger bot, which organically demonstrates how the app functions and begins their product journey.

Streamlining the signup keeps people engaged, while getting them to that all-important “a-ha” moment even faster. That’s the point where they understand the value of your app or product. It’s also what makes people more likely to buy. Remember: onboarding is an essential part of your monetisation strategy.

2. Lower consumer risk through social proof

Every interaction has an inherent pleasure to pain and risk to reward ratio. Here at Appifany, we imagine that anyone who encounters a new app or product will assume that it’s a scam. The apps we build are not, of course, but we try to maintain that mindset as we create the design, user flows, interactions, and supporting details.