5 Ways to Generate Positive PR on a Budget

Most big businesses are paying huge dollars in order to generate positive PR, but for a lot of start ups you don't have those kinds of resources. You can't afford to pay massive PR firms to handle everything public relations, but it's still a crucial part of growing your business that you should be thinking about. So here at Appifany, we're going to give you 5 strategies that bootstrapped startups can use to generate positive PR, with a few extra tips snuck in there too.

Why Should You Care About PR?

Let’s begin by briefly reviewing some of the key reasons why all startups, including those that are bootstrapped (i.e., self-funded), ought to explicitly think about and develop plans for securing flattering PR. Sheena Tahilramani points out 3 significant ways in which PR affects startups:

  1. The connection between the success of your product and the effectiveness of your brand messaging is such that cultivating a specific brand requires your explicit attention and planning as it cannot simply be left to intuition or haphazard, day-by-day trial and error.

  2. Securing positive PR is neither easy nor guaranteed; it takes dedicated efforts, which is why big companies often hire full-scale PR firms.

  3. Startups that don’t actively promote their own stories fall victim to having others tell it for them: “Whether or not your startup story is mundane, magical, or entirely made up, the media will craft its own narrative for your company if you don’t persistently reiterate who you are”.

So, building brand awareness for your company is not only difficult and time-consuming but also destined to be influenced by other publics if you don’t “take the bull by the horns” so-to-speak and seek out your own positive PR.

Furthermore, and as Dave Hochman notes, startups can benefit from good PR in the sense that added exposure and authoritative endorsements can help to:

  • Attract new talent;

  • Increase visibility, perhaps leading to enhanced support for business development and other aspects of running a business;

  • Boost exposure for fundraising efforts; and

  • Amplify customer acquisition and/or retention numbers.

Let’s now look at 5 specific strategies that self-funded startups can use to increase the likelihood of securing positive PR.

1. Set a Specific Goal