Appifany Guide: Finding the Right App Development Team

You've come up with the next big app idea and now you're ready for the next step... developing it. It's time to find the right development team and commit to each other in a project that will may last even longer than an actual marriage. But unlike your spouse, you'll probably be paying your devs a bit of money.

Entrepreneurship can look all sleek and glossy from the outside, but much like marriage, it takes consistent, dedicated work to make it succeed. There’s nothing worse than squabbling over who finished the toothpaste… you’ve got bigger dreams at stake here.

So, before you commit to the unpredictable journey of starting a business, it’s important to do a thorough self-assessment. Most aspiring founders focus on money and technology, but there are several other factors that can directly affect your shot at success. Here at Appifany, we've come up with three key questions to ask yourself before taking the app-development plunge:

1. Are you emotionally prepared?

Business and emotions. Ah, yes. Two things that go together like chips and dip… delicious, but too much of anything isn’t good for you. Emotions can run high on your journey. Of course, this depends on your natural disposition, too. The personal, financial and time investments in entrepreneurship can create a knockout emotional cocktail that could end your project in a single outburst. That’s why it’s good to think about what type of leader you’ll be before you’re actually leading a team:

Cool Cucumber

You take everything in stride. Nothing fazes you and no roadblock goes unturned. You trust your team inherently. They’re the experts, right? Right.

Hesitant Harry

You’re secretly wondering if the lead developer has the chops to build your baby. You’re skeptical about everything and everyone. After all, what about the build that crashed? And does the designer really know where the login button should go?

Unpredictable Hulk

You know the scope inside out – and you know what you want. If the project hits a snag and the team can’t deliver, then they better find a way or get out of the way, because you will EXPLODE.

Weepy Walter

Whether it’s good or bad news, every twist in the road has you reaching for the tissue box. You’re so emotionally invested in the product that you can’t handle the ride. It’s all wonderful and terrible at the same time. This is starting to sound like a twisted version of Snow White’s seven dwarves, but the takeaway is that how you lead, manage, respond, negotiate, celebrate or admit defeat can affect your app journey. A startup can take a serious emotional toll – not only on you, but for your support, product design, and development teams.