Best 2019 Mobile App Analytic Tools

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

So you've got your app, now you need to know how to read all the information your users give you. With so many apps out there now, it can be hard to keep users engaged, that's why it's important to understand your users in order to engage with them and grow app user retention.

What exactly is a mobile app analytic tool? It is a platform that records data related to how your users engage with your mobile app. App analytics have become essential to successful app development and user retention strategies.

The metrics that are suggested you track include the number of daily and monthly users, downloads, session times, and other similar information. Without access to data such as this, you cannot not know or understand how users are interacting with your app. To run a successful app business you need to be aware of how to improve your users' experience. From having app analytics and learning from the data collected, you will be able to provide a consistently high level of customer engagement and satisfaction.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that there are three categories of mobile app analytics, each measuring different kinds of data:

  • Marketing analytics. Measuring click through rate (CTR), traffic source, user demographics, cost per install, app rating and review, etc.

  • In-App analytics. Measuring session duration, time of use, pathways, app closes, operating systems, etc.

  • App Performance. Measuring crashes, errors, uptime, carrier and API latency, etc.

Now, onto the Best 2019 Mobile App Analytics Tools available...


This a great real-time, open source app analytic tool which aims to understand and enhance customer journeys. They track session frequency, geography, custom events, devices and individual users. They also aim to increase user engagement and loyalty with push notification for example.