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Entrepreneurship Books You Need to Read

The internet is next to none for information, but sometimes being able to hear the knowledge and thoughts from the top entrepreneurs themselves in their own books, is priceless. There are so many great resources to learn more about entrepreneurship, startups and business growth now. And one of the key resources, is books. That's where our founders have learnt a lot from, and continue to learn.

Digital business in particular is something that is continuously developing and changing. As SEO and web development strategies refine and continue to change, you need to stay up to date. Here at Appifany, we believe entrepreneurship books are an invaluable resource of information that can drastically help you and your business. So, for today's blog post we though we'd put together a list of the top five entrepreneurship books that you need to read!

Top 5 Entrepreneurship Books You Need to Read

1. Outliers: The Story of Success

By Malcom Gladwell

In this book, Gladwell looks at different instances of success that seem extraordinary or different that they lie outside of what you would consider a normal route to success. He goes on to examine what makes successful people and what makes unsuccessful people. He gives the insights to success that are more than just brain power. By the end of the book you'll see how success isn't up to smarts, it has a lot to do with opportunity and persistence.

2. How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

By John C. Maxwell

This book explores what things all different kinds of people of success have in common. Maxwell is trying to identify traits that successful people have in common and how we can learn from this. Maxwell is a leadership expert and he draws on ideas of creativity and ingenuity throughout the book. He explores eleven different ways of thinking to practice, in order to lead a happier and more successful life.

3. The Lean Start-up

By Eric Ries

We know you've probably heard of this one, but it's too good to not put on the list of entrepreneurship books you need to read. The Lean Start-up has been such an influential book in the entrepreneurship and startup world. Concepts such as minimum viable product (MVP) and pivoting, have taken off since this book. Those are just a couple of things that are all part of the lean start-up methodology. Ries looks at why startups fail, and how to learn from those failures. Ries focuses on creativity, user information and guidance, and adaptability. Being a part of the startup world means being flexible and constantly learning.

4. Rework

By Jason Fried

This New York Times Bestseller is perfect for the entrepreneur figuring it out on their own! And wanting to do it their own way (but still be successful). There are several lessons that you can take from this book, such as interruption is a productivity killer; stay focused when you need to and use your time efficiently. If you're not using your time wisely and always being interrupted, then you'll end up sitting in the office at 8pm wondering how you haven't finished everything for the day. And a lot of the time, this isn't because you're not working hard, it's because of interruptions.

5. Screw Business As Usual

By Richard Branson

This is just one of Branson's books on entrepreneurship and business, but this one stands out as a favourite to our staff. Branson is one of the business industry's top leaders, and in this book he claiming we need to take a new approach to business. That the capitalist based model is not working and we need to start doing business in ways that helps your business, people and the environment. Profit is no longer the only driving force of starting a business, so why not use it as an opportunity to help at the same time too? Branson wants to see the use of business changed into a helping force for the future and our world.

Give any one of these entrepreneurship books a go and we have no doubt you'll pick up a few useful tips and tricks. For more startup advice, check out our recent article on The Most Common Startup Mistakes.


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