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Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Businesses in 2021 operate with one foot firmly planted in the digital world.

With over 1.8 billion websites on the internet, it is integral for a business to properly compete in its market that they develop a strong brand identity for their customer base to identify them and also subconsciously associate them with the specific item or service they seek.

Enterprises and business organisations these days are blessed with unlimited consumable content and proven data surrounding effective marketing strategies and these plans have been making diverse and positive changes in the scope of these brands.

What does that mean you ask? It means that trends can be predicted, growth can be measured, customers can be garnered quickly and success can be road mapped.

This kind of calculated authority comes via a strong and consistent marketing strategy and also a wide offering of avenues in which their content can be accessed.

For decades now fixed stores, multiple product stockists and websites have all been reliable avenues for customer attainment, until today. Enter the app.

For growing your brand and expanding your product reach, there is no better medium today than incorporating an app into your business development plan.

The growing advancement of applications and other mobile devices and technologies have altered the playing field.

Millions of people today live their lives through their smartphones and this has permanently altered the stage on which businesses play.

Let's dig in and see how having an application helps your brand to grow.

Offers Faster Customer Service:

Instant communication is the key to maintaining engagement with your customers and also helps to build trust.

Customer support studies tell us that today, the majority of the customers seek support from various service providers via their phones.

For this, you can embed a Help Centre in your application for the betterment of the customers.

The customers can also fill out an enquiry form in the app ‘contact’ centre where they can talk to you about their needs or requirements.

This not only helps the customers but also assists the business to identify areas of opportunity as well as success points.

Builds Familiarity and Trust:

One of the most crucial things that a good mobile app offers to your Brand is awareness.

If you communicate regularly with your customers, you are building trust while also fostering loyalty for your brand's future endeavours.

If your audience trusts you, and your app is stored in their phone in their pocket, with your icon viewed every time they flick past the screen, you have now cemented your service and mission into their life.

They will also recommend you to their friends and family members with the “I always use these guys’ adage.

With the help of an app, you'll be able to make your users understand why they should trust you and why and how are you unique from others.

Drives Better Engagement:

Higher engagement translates to increased uptake on services.

An app with a great user experience will ensure just that. Brand awareness campaigns are one of the best options to drive engagement via an app.

With the help of a great digital marketing campaign, you can get closer to your target market ensuring brand visibility to a receptive audience.

An app can also provide convenient and faster transactions. You'll also get instant messaging support from the brand via a fast and constant help desk.

It also provides a platform to customers to express their feedback and honest reviews about the brand, its products and services.

Collection Of User Data:

Your business will benefit from acquiring the data presented by the customers whilst they use your app. You no longer need email marketing to capture their data from them.

Via an app it's now easier for you to collect data based on their preferences and behaviour on your brand's app.

You can use the below-mentioned tactics to gather all the customer data you need to improve services you offer.

1. Onboarding: This is a small form which appears as soon as someone registers for the application. It is an ideal way to gather all the basic details about your customers such as their preferences, age, and so on.

2. Questionnaires: Users can get added discounts and offers once they fill up these questionnaires related to the brand. This would encourage them to come to your brand more and more, driving better sales and customer retention.

3. In-app Behaviour: Observing and knowing the in-app behaviour of people is one of the best ways to gather information about all the users.

Whenever a customer leaves a review, adjusts shopping filter to shop by ‘price’ or ‘latest releases’, or makes a purchase of your products or services, you can gather information on their preferences and behaviour, analyse it, and then plan your design/marketing strategy accordingly.

Wrap Up:

With the plethora of options on the app stores today for all the different products and services it’s easy to see why the global shift to the digital space has been so effortless.

The financial benefits of creating an app for different services has been well documented.

The reduction in manual operations alone can reduce expenses significantly not to mention the increased revenue from the organic increase in consumer traffic driven by your well designed and well marketed offering.

There are a number of app types and you can easily select which one is right for you according to your brand, it’s needs and preferences, but before we dive into that one have a go at our App Cost calculator and see what your idea will cost you.


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