Appifany Guide: Building a Social Media App

Updated: May 22, 2019

It's clear that the biggest players in the social media landscape are apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn. These apps have have millions and even billions of monthly active users and have created and connected enormous networks of users.

With such big players in the industry it may feel intimidating or out of reach for newcomers looking to break in. With existing platforms offering features that address a wide-ranging array of needs, is there anything new that can be launched to entice users? Yes! And the opportunities now lie in niche markets.

For example, there is a social app studio called Swipe Labs, that has been hired by Uber to improve its user experience and make the app more personalised. This is a perfect example of how it's possible to still enter into a matured and competitive market like the social media space.

Here at Appifany, we want to share what features make a social media app and other helpful tips of successful entrepreneurs and startups.

Social Media App Features:


Studies have shown that social media apps with the highest user popularity are ones that contain a personal profile feature, where users can promote themselves. So when thinking of key features to include in your social media app, focus on a personalised profile that is fast and easy to use. This may include options to add a photo or other personal details.

A method to allow users to effortlessly add in their details is by linking up to other social media apps they already use, so that the information can automatically be retrieved onto your app. As you may have noticed, a lot of mobile apps now include a feature to link up with your Facebook profile when creating an account.

Profiles are a personal expression, therefore you need to have a profile section that is customisable and personalised. This may include features like profile picture filters or banners.


A key to keeping users engaged with your social media app is by including some sort of stream of content or newsfeed. Make it a bit more interesting than just a list, maybe include photos, memes or news updates. These content typically fall into three categories: