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How Your Business Can Benefit from an App

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Today, most people use at least one app in their daily life, whether it's for fitness, banking or food delivery.

Businesses are fast realising that building a productive mobile app is not only for big commercial enterprises, but even the medium and small-size businesses are now implementing the latest technology in their pursuit for a simplified customer experience and more streamlined operational process.

Ultimately, every customer of every industry can benefit from an app, below we have compiled a few of the biggest reasons why.

New Sales Generation

This is most relevant when we talk about eCommerce companies having a restricted scope of sales by carrying out their business online.

However, modern-day businesses with physical storefronts and an existing customer base appreciate the reach that adding an online base has, essentially expanding their trading hours to 24hrs from 9hrs a day.

If you want to take your business online to prioritise mobile users as your target audience, you are increasing your overall market reach and increasing the outlook for revenue and sales in some cases by up to fifty percent.

By integrating a digital presence with your existing business model and offering your current customer base with simple, easy to navigate customer experiences you will lift your offering from its tangible, fixed address and launch it out for every possible consumer looking for your product/service.

Customer Retention

Industry leaders such as Nike (up 21% from pre pandemic results) and Ikea (downloaded 8.5million times) have proven that developing a mobile app can improve the customer experience not to mention the speed of growth of the business.

If the user experience is great and your service/product is a periodic or consistent transaction, then the user retention rates will increase.

One of the most renowned and precise instances of customer retention is the Starbucks mobile application.

It uses its app to drive sales while increasing its user retention rate.

By offering ‘order ahead’, earning rewards, looking up what songs are playing at your favourite store and being able to type in your favourite Barista, Starbucks have led the personalized experience movement in the mobile app space.

App uptake and retention also relies heavily on consumer trust in the product, if your business already has an app that the customers are using or are thinking of downloading, it is crucial that they are first assured about the safety and security of all their confidential data and information.

It is vital that through your development process that you prioritise the safety of your user’s data.

Hand holding a mobile phone displaying the role of apps in generating and converting new business.
How An App Will Help Grow Your Business

Upgraded Operational Efficiency

The main benefit of a great mobile application for a small-scale business is a lot more than just customer retention, it is also operational efficiency.

It is vital to get this right because if the operational cost of running a business increase’s, your whole budget can be blown out, and for a small business, these could be make or break mistake.

An app will assist your business with all its communications, internal operations and can support you to reduce all the associated running costs.

For a modern-day business, it is a priceless tool to have a common channel of communication (such as Whattsapp or Slack) that can assist all the teams and departments to stay connected without any hassle or much effort.

If you are facing any kind of operational inefficiency within your business, a mobile app can be extremely beneficial to you.

Limitless Earning Through Apps

It is impractical for most businesses to think that they will become overnight app success stories like Pinterest, Instagram and Yelp. however, it does happen.

If you possess a subscription-based business plan (think streaming services, digital products, online learning, digital exercise apps) and are searching for a great way to drive conversions, creating your own mobile application would be a great idea.

Providing a number of subscription tiers, you can easily provide the regular tier free of cost, ie Spotify.

Whenever you use an app to give a subscription-based plan to your consumers, there are higher chances of you converting the customers and retaining them for a longer period.

Man in a suit sitting behind a pile of cash.
The Right App Monetisation Strategy Can Lead To Unlimited Earning Potential

Create On-Demand Marketplace

On-demand marketplaces are on trend. No matter if it's Grubhub, Lyft, Uber, or Postmates, an efficient mobile app can make things happen.

Having said that, you are not actually required to launch a whole new business line for creating an on-demand marketplace mobile application.

If you own a nice and well-established online business, you can produce this platform to expand your firm through the mobile app.

Mobile phone with one app icon on the screen and the phrase APP LAUNCH across it.
How Launching an App Can Relaunch Your Business

Accessible Content:

The whole ideology of building a great mobile app for a business is to search for better ways to make your content accessible, readable and attainable to the customers.

Content can be shared across platforms from websites to social media via automated emails and ur app, giving maximum exposure to your message.

Boosting Shopping Frequency:

Now, once you have crossed the bridge of converting an app user into a paying customer your next task is to have them return.

The price of marketing to engage a new customer is only justified if they keep coming back to your brand for more.

Having an app and capturing user details to re-engage can help you to boost the shopping frequency of a customer.

Creating a great mobile app will considerably level up the shopping frequency of your customers which will directly translate to the overall increase in your revenue.]

If you haven’t already considered implementing an app to your business, what are you waiting for?

How your Business Can Benefit from an App
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